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Hot Set Test Apparatus

Hot Set Test Apparatus The Apparatus consists ofa double walled Aluminium Heating Chamber. Inner dimensions 300mm width x 500mm ht. X 200mm depth. Capacity: 30 litres. Provided with a full view glass door. The temperature is controlled by means of a P.I.D Controller.

Temperature Range: A few degrees above ambient to 300 degrees cent., +/- 3 degrees. The Oven is so designed to give 8-20 changes of air per hour. The same is achieved by passing the required amount of air through the air inlet provided at the bottom of the Oven. To achieve the max. no. of changes i.e. 20, one is required to pass approx. 10 litres air/per min. Please note that the Air Compressor is not provided with the Equipment. The air flow is measured through an Air flow Meter provided alongwith the Equipment.

The equipment is suppliedwith jaws & 1 set of weights to hang 1 sample at the top of the Oven. Although provision is made to accommodate 2 samples . For the measurement of elongation, 1 imported dial gauge, 50mm scale is provided which enables one to read the elongation directly on the dial.


If an additional second sample is to be tested a spare set of jaws with dial gauge & weights can be ordered at additional cost.

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